Top Trends That Would Transform Digital Marketing In 2017

As you settle in the year 2017, it’s time learn from lessons of the previous year. You should know what you would actually need to enhance your online presence. From artificial intelligence to instant communications, we have collated some digital marketing trends. These are based on diligent research and are collated after coordinating with numerous companies.

Effective engagement -With the increase in competition, market leaders would soon be seeking new ways to engage the audience. Moreover, they would embrace developments in technologies to drive the phenomenon. For an interesting and memorable experience, brands would be posting videos on social networking platforms. Apart from sponsored advertisements, companies would bring in interactive campaigns the most popularly used messaging apps. It would be interesting to observe how marketers would experiment in the upcoming months. Reports revealed that audience tuned in for almost 40 minutes while they are watching an interesting video.

Live videos – Social marketing would soon revolutionize with the release of live video offerings. Such ways would help companies to bring out the difference in the online world packed with content. Besides, brands would always love to get involved with a digital marketing agency. While sponsorships would gain popularity, influencers and live videos would work together to propel business forward.

Native Advertising – Though it might be an old method, native advertising would be prominent in 2017. Digital marketing companies would focus on banner ads and soon seek a way to pitch services and products online. The native advertising platform would aid brands to post meaningful and interesting content. The problem of creating something different would no longer exist.

Responsive designs – Through the forthcoming months, companies would go for website designs that adapt to popularly used mobile phones. This is because users love accessing websites through their mobile phones most of the time. In fact, you can anticipate more web traffic from cell phone users than from usual desktops. With 7.22 billion mobile phone users, it’s evident that smartphone marketing would rule the world. In 2017, the market increased to 4 billion from 2 billion prevalent in 2015.

Augmented reality – Penetration of augmented reality is yet another trend you can foresee. Even though the progress is slower, the trend would help companies carve a niche. With such a kind of technology, customers would actually perceive everything before finalizing the choice.

In-store marketing – In 2017, in-store marketing is sure to dominate over the web. With an optimized mobile strategy, companies would succeed in capturing customers only through various techniques of digital marketing. This would eventually help to fetch profitable returns through the online platform. As the visitor goes through the site, he or she would be happy with the in-store experience. Brands would be seeking ways to introduce the one-to-one marketing tactic. Importance would be given to campaigns that are enjoyable but sufficient to build web traffic.

Finally, we would like to know if you are digitally ready this year. Consult a digital specialist to know how you can build business potential.

Learning Art At Any Age

Even if you did not enjoy using art materials at school, taking pleasure from paintings can be achieved at any age.Studying art at school may not have been the most exciting of subjects especially if you took no interest in learning about the history of the different genres such as impressionism and surrealism.Although you may not have benefited from learning the subject in your formative years, it is true that people can discover how to use art materials at any age or period in their life.There are numerous examples of people leaving a lucrative career in order to develop their abilities with art materials especially if they have a burning desire to explore their creative side.Sometimes all it takes to ignite an interest in art is to start taking classes at a more mature age while other people feel more comfortable experimenting with painting and drawing by themselves.Not everyone is suited to taking art classes as some people may not like being spoon fed information although others may thrive on the structure and direction that is being provided to them.You will never know whether further art education is for you until you try so if you feel that you may benefit from some teaching then enrol into local art classes immediately as you will have nothing to lose.If you know that art classes are not for you, then I would recommend taking time to learn by yourself and there is no better way to explore the art world then visiting museums, galleries and exhibitions.Educating yourself about the different types of style will enable you to appreciate art and the effort required to make such paintings at the same time as encouraging you to experiment with your own technique.You may even want to replicate your favourite famous paintings as this is a great opportunity to take part in a colour exercise which will help you attempt to match the original colours in the picture.Before you reacquaint yourself with painting, you will need to discover where to purchase the finest art materials at discount prices as getting creative is often an expensive pursuit.Often the best discounts can be found online as it is easier to compare art materials prices between websites as opposed to going down the high street and popping into various shops.It is always worthwhile contacting an online retailer to see if they can provide any special offers on your orders as you may be given some pleasing prices.

A Guide to the Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Art Museum is located at the corner of McDowell Road & Central Avenue at 1625 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. It was built in 1936 and originally christened the Phoenix Art Center. This was all the result of the New Deal initiative proposed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a way to stimulate the economy and employ millions of out-of-work Americans as well as enrich American culture. The building was constructed and funded by the government agency known as the Works Progress Administration as part of the Federal Art Project. Prior to this was the Phoenix Fine Arts Association. They had no permanent location and less than 2 dozen pieces of art to display at the private homes of the Phoenix Fine Arts Association members. It’s currently designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride.The many works of art currently in the Phoenix Art Museum’s collection include traditional examples of American, Asian, European, Latin American, and Western American art. They also have a large gallery dedicated to fashion design and modern clothing. The Ullman Center for the Art of Philip C. Curtis was opened in 2001 and catalogs the life and 50 years of work by this superb painter in the abstract and surrealist genres. Coincidentally he was also the Phoenix Art Museum’s founding director.Also unique to the museum are the Thorne Rooms. Narcissa Niblack Thorne, an Indiana native who had travelled extensively throughout England and Western Europe, was an indoor architecture enthusiast. She created exact replicas of many different homes throughout Europe and America in perfect 1:12 ratio detail. She made all these rooms’ contents by hand. She wove the miniature rugs herself, painted the walls or designed the wallpaper, made the carpentry, upholstered the furniture, commissioned all the glasswork, and crafted the crockery. In her lifetime she was only able to complete 100 of these rooms, of which the Phoenix Art Museum owns 20.Regular events and activities take place as well. Film panels and discussions with experts are common, as well as musical performance and festivals. There are lectures given on various subjects by authors, curators, artists, and professors. Public wine tasting series and private, members only, black tie galas have been known to occur too. These are all common occurrences and do not include the traveling exhibitions that frequent the Phoenix Art Museum, ensuring there’s always something new for the art lover.